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We at Akaal Technology are committed to deliver you the best by creating exceptional customized designs for your websites that’ll boost your online presence & will help you to promote your business & services.

Our Team will make sure that we give our best efforts to deliver you the best in class services with 100% customer satisfaction


Services We Offer

Web Development

Our Web Development & Design services aim to provide you responsive & creative Websites

Digital Marketing

Promote your business with our Digital Marketing tactics like Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing and Email Marketing

Graphics Designing

Bring your ideas to life with our creative approach which will engage more clients for your business


Attract more traffic to your website using  our strategies that will make you more leads & will help you grow your business

Managed IT Services

Server & Network Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Embedded Electronics

PCB & Circuit Designing | AVR | PIC | STM32 | Arduino | Raspberry Pi | ESP32 | Embedded AI

Smart Home Setup

Reliable Services & Online Assistance for Smart Lights | Security Cameras | Smart Speakers |Wifi Extenders | Printers | Alexa | Google Home | Video Door Phones

Computer Support

Trusted Services & Online Assistance for Windows Computers | Mac Computers | Chromebooks

IOT Cloud Services

AWS | Google Cloud | IBM Watson | ThingSpeak | Blynk | Cayenne IOT Cloud 

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John Doe, Extra Sapce

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Dave Block, Bloom Lead Gen

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