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Is your computer facing trouble, or have a crucial report to file, and you’re afraid of data loss? The scenarios are frightening and endless. Waiting for technicians to arrive will take forever. This is when you need Akaal Technology Inc. Inc, any computer, to issue services to your aid in the blink of an eye.

We offer exclusive services to the valuable customers associated with us. With our Any Computer, Any Issue service, customers can get immediate help irrespective of the problem. The professionals we have hired are excellent at dealing with computers of all brands and have undue knowledge about the issues that might erupt. In simple words, we offer a comprehensive one-time service Or Yearly Subscriptions; whatever the problem is, we’ll solve it right from

Computer Booting issues

Virus Removal & Cleanup

Setup Internet Connections, Firewall, and Security Software

Computer Tune-up

Software Install or Uninstall

Email or Online Account Setup or Support

Printer Setup

Data Back-up or Transfer

Configuring Ports and Routers to Enhance Security

Wireless Devises Setup

OS (Operating system) install or Reinstall

Setup Email Clients like Incredimail, Thunderbird, and Opera

Why Us

Your satisfaction is our priority. This is not just a saying to us. We believe in customer satisfaction and take pride in resolving several issues in no time. At Akaal Technology Inc. Inc, we promise that you will be rescued instantly from your PC problems. Whatever the type or intensity of the issue is, whether it is software repair or spyware, we assure you of our full support and complete relief. Take the Akaal Technology Inc. Inc route, and you will be saving an exorbitant sum of money and energy because all it takes is a phone call! Our services include Speedy Connection, Secure Sessions, Complete Problem Resolution and Prompt Technical Support With 100% Resolution.

How We Work

When your computer breaks down, or any program shows flawlessness, nothing to worry about, “Akaal Technology” is here to assist you.

24/7 Tech Support

The world is globalized, and for that globalization, computers, software, and programs are essential,” Akaal Technology” is round the clock for your amendment.

Akaal Technology inc. steers you hereinafter:

 Step 1: Contact “Akaal Technology” without paying a single penny. Further, the technician will perceive your situation and will assist you accordingly.

Step 2: If needed, the technician will provide you with a 6-digit access code and that you will need to enter on the Computer Web page. When you click to download remote access, the software will be installed on your PC.

Step 3: You will then click allow a key to initiate the remote session. A tech supportrepresentative will try and fix your computer through screen sharing while you sit back and relax.

You have complete control over the remote computer support session. If, for any reason, you wish to stop the session, you can immediately do so by clicking on the X button on the session window. You can also override the technician’s access by controlling your PC using your keyboard and mouse. By giving you this option, Akaal Technology provides you with a user for a safety net. If you do not feel comfortable during any stage of the process, you can choose to stop the remote support session.

The Benefits of Akaal Technology Remote Support Low-Cost Effective :Through remote support, you will save travel time and costs for visiting and scheduling An appointment with a local technician. Also, since you will only be paying for the services you receive, you will save money and reduce overheads. Akaal Technology has different subscription plans for your needs.

Professional Support  Akaal Technology Have Professional IT experts on call. These are the same Professional IT experts who will help you encounter any problem with your computer or software applications. This means you receive the best Professional Technical expert.

Immediate Solution Some things need to be fixed immediately and that’s precisely whta Akal technology remote support gives you – a quick and easy solution to your immediate Computer problems. Suffer less and have your home use the computer up and running again with remote computer support.

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