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Email Marketing

We offer email marketing services that are comprehensive and complete. With our expert team at your disposal, you can allow us to handle the entire process for you so that your brand can benefit from having an expert marketing team working behind the scenes.

Search Engine Optimization

At Akaal Technology, we put our clients first in everything we do! Our SEO experts use a number of different strategies to ensure a higher ranking on the search engine results page for our clients’ websites so users can find their website easier.

Social Media Marketing

We are very attentive to customer needs and this is how we drive growth. We aim to place our client’s product in the spotlight by using social media. Using social networking allows us to better showcase our client’s offerings while marketing increases brand recognition.

Google Analytics

Google Adsense

Google Ads is one of the most popular forms of online advertising. It may be complex, ever-changing and time-consuming but we make it a priority for our team to stay informed of even the smallest details in order to effectively reach your campaign objectives while still saving you money!

Pay Per Click

Pay-for-click programs are one of the most widely used marketing strategies because they are so effective. We ensure that our keywords are well organized to show up near the top of popular search engines where users are more likely to click each time an advertisement is displayed which then leads directly to the site of our client company.

PPC Audit Services

To ensure that we have a good impact on your business, we study your company’s online marketing campaigns. We examine your bidding, budgeting and bids per click strategy, look at how you structure your ad campaigns and keywords, and determine if there are any trends in profitability per campaign or sector.

Digital Marketing

Your marketing strategy is vital to your business. If you want the general public to know about your product, you need a team of experts who can make sure that they learn about it in an impactful way. They’ll use a variety of digital media including search engines and social media platforms to make sure you catch their attention in the format that works best for them. In addition to this, they’ll either create or improve your online reputation by managing your company’s various social account presences professionally and with care!

Our Strategy

Whether you are a small business looking for essential upgrades such as virtualization, servers & security or a large enterprise with complex networking, connectivity, and device management needs, you can trust Akaal Technology to find the best solutions. Adding value to your business and revolutionizing your efficiency today is as easy as reaching out with a simple call. When you need somebody who is technically fabby and willing to help you with a digital problem whenever a need arises.

Congratulations! You have found the most technically optimal person ever.

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Expert Team

Our expert team constantly investigates the newest tools and resources that might prove to be the most beneficial in the course of their work.


Cost Effective

We promise to give you your money’s worth. Our estimates are always accurate, and we have flexible payment plans to suit any budget.


Time Oriented

We believe in providing timely and effective services.


100% Client Satisfaction

We offer a high-quality services in affordable prices and a dedication to your satisfaction. We believe in providing exceptional customer service and take pride in providing our clients with a great experience.

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