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Server & Network Management

Server and network management can be quite the daunting task. Whether it is a server or a network you need help with, we can offer help. Our staff is ready and willing to get you the services you need. We take pride in our work and we know that our services will get you what you need and more! Why settle for anything less than the best? When it comes to server and network management services, we’re the only thing you need!

Hardware Procurement

Purchasing hardware and software can be a hassle for smaller businesses. It’s difficult to know where to look, who to ask for help, who are you buying from? Akaal Technology helps customers identify what they need by increasing their efficiency on all fronts. We start this process by first identifying goals & objectives of the company. With these goals in mind, we begin matching your business with top-tier vendors which allow our team to find unique products that match up perfectly with many of your needs.

Server Migration to Cloud

Developing a migration plan is not the easiest process. Our staff is experienced in helping you create a smooth transition to your new host that will include items like data backup and safe disposal of the old server, leaving no traces behind. Using our migration service will ensure your site is moved to its destination quickly with little interruption of service so you can get back to business.

Hybrid Server Installation

For optimum business efficiency and performance, we can combine the best aspects of public and private cloud computing, virtualization and dedicated hardware. This gives you the visibility and transparency you need to take care of all your resources with complete confidence.

Cloud Management

Clouds can provide a flexible and efficient way to get work done and the idea of migrating your infrastructure to the cloud is a challenge for most enterprises. Cloud management platforms can give companies a way to manage public, private and hybrid cloud services.

Network & Firewall Maintenance

A firewall is a very important aspect in the security of a company as it allows for all traffic to and from the internet to be secure. It works as a tight gate, monitoring all information coming in and out, alerting the owner if there’s any trouble.

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We make sure to deliver top-notch services to our clients through our skilled and trained team. We make sure our clients get the best services and make their enterprises generate more profits across the globe.

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Expert Team

Our expert team constantly investigates the newest tools and resources that might prove to be the most beneficial in the course of their work.


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We promise to give you your money’s worth. Our estimates are always accurate, and we have flexible payment plans to suit any budget.


Time Oriented

We believe in providing timely and effective services.


100% Client Satisfaction

We offer a high-quality services in affordable prices and a dedication to your satisfaction. We believe in providing exceptional customer service and take pride in providing our clients with a great experience.

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