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Static Websites

Static content is used within websites to create high-quality, easy to use and professional documentation. This type of content does not require a more advanced programming or database design and can be distributed through online channels such as on websites, blogs and emails.

Dynamic Websites

Create a dynamic website which displays different types of content each time it is opened so that clients are attracted to new things each time even if you can’t be on your business all the time. An interactive website that potential clients will be delighted by due to its simple yet appealing design and novel approach.

E-commerce Websites

Our skilled team of web designers at Akaal Technology can help build an e-commerce website for you from the ground up. Some of our preferred techniques include easy-to-navigate functions that have been coded with a unique styling of your liking, enabling you to engage in your e commerce activities in a more creative yet still professional manner.

UI/UX Designing

The quality of a product can be defined by the interface and experience it provides for the user. Whether a product is successful or not goes a long way to defining its user experience, and in turn can make or break a sale. The points that define this dichotomy are very subtle, nevertheless they define the success of your business model.

Mobile  App Development

We design and develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. Every app is built with the latest technology to make sure your customers get an amazing experience every time. We can ensure efficiency, security, scalability, and sustainability because our experienced app developers are continuously learning new things to make sure you’re getting the best technological support at all times.

CRM Integration

CRM integration is a critical aspect of business software, as it allows your applications to work together. In fact, proper CRM integration is essential not only for the smooth operation of your business as a whole but also as a way to efficiently send and receive data between business software programs so as to give you a complete picture of how your businesses functions.

Content Migration

Changing your website’s template can pose a lot of challenges especially if you have a lot of content elsewhere on the site elsewhere. We help you decide how best to migrate or repurpose your content as effectively as possible, ensuring it will be easy to view and read from every page on your new template.

Data Migration

We at Akaal Technology will backup, audit, and verify your data on an ongoing basis to ensure the smooth functioning of our custom eCommerce solutions. Our experienced eCommerce developers will also secure your data’s integrity on an ongoing basis on top of transferring your data in a seamless manner.

Support and Maintenance

For a website to work effectively and display correctly, it needs to be regularly maintained and supported. We can help you make sure that your website is always running at maximum efficiency. Our maintenance team makes sure that you’re website is always up and running and that all your pages and other add-ons work properly.

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We make sure to deliver top-notch designs to our clients through our skilled and trained team. We make sure our clients get the best of online designs and create their enterprises to generate more traffic across the globe.

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Our expert team constantly investigates the newest tools and resources that might prove to be the most beneficial in the course of their work.


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We promise to give you your money’s worth. Our estimates are always accurate, and we have flexible payment plans to suit any budget.


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We believe in providing timely and effective services.


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We offer a high-quality services in affordable prices and a dedication to your satisfaction. We believe in providing exceptional customer service and take pride in providing our clients with a great experience.

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When you consider the best web development services at Canada, Akaal Technology may be able to help you. We pride ourselves on our diverse team of capable and talented engineers, who always set out with a goal to create sophisticated and compelling products that change previously unachievable results. Needless to say, we won’t settle for anything less than providing our clients with high-end products and qualified custom solutions that will provide value and return on their investments, regardless of whether they are large or small scale endeavours! Our years of experience mean we have the necessary expertise to build innovative applications from scratch or those which require customizations from an existing platform.



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